Hougoumont & D’Erlon’s Attack


Pen & Sword Military has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of their military history books. It was only natural that they would develop a list of DVD titles alongside the book publishing. This DVD matches the quality achieved by Pen & Sword books. The group of historians and battlefield guides responsible for writing, directing and presenting this history in the Waterloo Collection of DVDs has produced a lively and colourful account of a key part of the Battle of Waterloo when Napoleon made one last throw of the dice and was driven from the field in defeat. . The shooting of the film on the battlefield and the involvement of the Napoleonic Societies re-enactment enthusiasts really brings the battle to life, with the discussions between presenters fitting naturally into the presentation with a refreshing informality that draws the viewer into the discussion. An excellent DVD at a very affordable price and a worthy companion to the books that detail the Napoleonic Wars.



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