Australian Helicopter Industry Association – May News


Recent unexpected news of the high rate of growth in the GDP shows 60% of our helicopter fleet is actually located in the top three states and territory undergoing rapid growth.

An encouraging sign of good things to come?


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This good economic news is due to the enormous demands by Asian customers seeking our energy, mineral and food resources.


Australian organisers of the Avalon Airshow 2013 from 26 February to 3 March 2013 have offered to help us have our “official launch” at their prestigious event; the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. We hope to have a series of high level conferences in Melbourne and a large display at the Airshow venue at the Avalon Airport, near Melbourne, Victoria. To achieve this goal we are going through registration process as a not-for-profit association from July onwards and will have the inaugural AGM several months prior to Avalon 2013.


Next newsletter we will examine the huge offshore projects about to start, some international consortiums seem to think nothing of investing US$34 billion over six years as they build an undersea gas pipeline almost 900 km in length. Australia will eventually supply 25% of Japan’s energy needs, in addition to the Chinese market.


To those in the Northern Hemisphere , enjoy your summer holidays. (We are having a windy winter at present).


Finally, you can follow the debate about future AHIA activities on a forum: A website is being constructed so as to minimise our email traffic.


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Rob Rich

Convenor of Steering Comittee

Australian Helicopter Industry Association

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