Dark Outside FM Transmission in Galloway Forrest – Looking for global submissions


Sound artist Stuart McLean, aka Frenchbloke, is being let loose for 24 hours with a (legal) FM Transmitter for the Dark Outside radio transmission in conjunction with the Wigtown Book Festival which runs from 28th September – 7th October, Galloway, Scotland.

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He is currently looking for submissions to be broadcast from within the Galloway Forest around 6th October 2012.

What started as being asked to compose a piece commemorating the Voyager Space Probes has ended up with him being in charge of a transmitter for a day. Tweets will also be able to be sent and converted into Morse code for broadcast as they come in.

Stuart says:

“I’m asking people nicely if they have any unheard or unreleased music that they would like broadcast to a forest where possibly nobody will hear it, apart from the trees or deer. Not sure about the goats. I know it’s very short notice but anything at all, regardless of length will be broadcast to a radius of 10-15 miles in the Galloway Forest. There will be no archiving or streaming and not a hope of it turning up on-line ( unless some madman brings a radio tape recorder to a forest ) Any length from 5 seconds – half an hour will be gratefully received, transmitted and deleted.”

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