Pontis Supports Communication Service Providers to leverage Mobile Social Networks for Improved Subscriber Retention


Ra’anana, Israel, 13 September 2012 – Pontis Ltd, leading provider of segment-of-one marketing and customer base management solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), today announced its new SocialCircles offering, which allows CSPs to leverage mobile social networks to build and nurture personalised customer engagements to strengthen loyalty and improve retention.

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SocialCircles allows subscribers to form intimate social groups and enjoy and share a wide range of operator incentives such as coupons, tickets, birthday gifts, network allowances and multi-player games. Informal groups can be formed instantly and dynamically by subscribers with no formal procedures or obligations, while incentives can be shared and transferred amongst group members.


Alon Werber, Pontis VP Marketing commented, “The majority of interactions between operators and subscribers have traditionally been focused on routine and commoditised transactions such as the delivery of handsets, monetary propositions and price plans. However, with the arrival of smartphones, mobile apps and social networks, Operators are able to create much more personal and delightful communication paths with subscribers to create emotional engagements, which ultimately results in customer loyalty and reduced churn.”


Pontis’ SocialCircles offering is delivered as a managed service, requiring minimal upfront investment in technology integrations. For more information visit the Pontis SocialCircles page.

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