The new version of EB GUIDE is a complete software solution that provides carmakers more flexibility, shortens time-to-market and drastically reduces the cost of designing HMI and comes with support for speech, multi-touch, gesture interaction and a technology demonstrator for integration of web-based applications based on HTML5.


Detroit, Michigan, Oct 15th, 2012 – EB (Elektrobit) releases today the latest version of the HMI development platform EB GUIDE. EB GUIDE is one of the leading integrated software platforms in the market and is used by global major carmakers and suppliers across markets and carlines since 2005. The new release enables carmakers and suppliers to create multimodal HMIs for a seamless user experience and supports speech, gesture and multi-touch interaction. In addition, EB presents in a technology demonstrator how web-based applications using HTML5 can be safely and conveniently integrated in embedded automotive HMIs generated with EB GUIDE.


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“The automotive industry is challenged by growing complexity of the in-vehicle technology. HMI represents a key differentiator for the carmakers, and, as the real estate in the car is expanding from the traditional in-dash to digital instrument clusters and head-up displays, it is important for them to count on a smart, reliable tool like EB GUIDE to deliver their branded experiences to the drivers,” explains Martin Schleicher, Vice President Infotainment Products and Strategy at EB. “The result is less money and time spent on developing special solutions for each car and each brand, and more time on differentiation and creating unique experiences.”


EB GUIDE 5.4 includes a wide range of consumer electronics inspired features that consumers are using every day on their smart devices. Some features that are now part of EB GUIDE 5.4 are: speech, multi-touch, and gesture recognition for smartphone-like user interaction, 3D, graphical animation and effects, voice interaction and haptic input. The EB GUIDE Speech Extension and the integrated EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework (STF) enable users to create multimodal HMIs.


“With its integrated support for speech dialog and graphic user interface modeling the new EB GUIDE 5.4 brings the innovative features of Nuance “VoCon” (automatic speech recognition) and “Vocalizer” (text-to-speech) to life in compelling multi modal automotive HMIs,” comments Arnd Weil, General Manager Automotive/Embedded, Nuance Communications International.


The EB concept for the integration of web-based technologies such as of HTML 5 is based on EB GUIDE GTF and an HTML5 enabled browser engine. As a result, carmakers are able to control the usability of the whole HMI and the security level access for external application, ensuring that the device will always be up to date during the whole car life-cycle and new content is delivered to the drivers.

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