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Bringing together elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror seen in film, comic books and pop culture of his own generation, Eelus’s paintings and assemblages are also informed by 18th and 19th century artists like William Blake and Aubrey Beardsley (rebellious and revolutionary in their time) and how their works express the erotic, the macabre and the inescapable forces of nature. Themes of love, loss, truth, lies and the fear and excitement of the unknown are cut through his intricate works with the patient and skilful handling of his scalpel.

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Now, to celebrate 10 years of creating his acclaimed stencil art with the use of his trusty 10A blade, Eelus presents his first, highly personal publication, with each book uniquely hand-finished with scribbles and stencils. A carefully crafted, comprehensive and in-depth portrait of the artist, his artworks and international exploitations are juxtaposed against documentary photos of his studio, tools and influences. As well as his own images, the book features those of street art photographers such as Ian Cox, plus never-before-seen work and a forward by Eelus.

“I’m really excited to get this book out to celebrate my 10 years of painting under the moniker of Eelus. From photos of the very first stencil I ever painted outside, right up to brand new work that was created for my show in Denver back in June, it includes a lot of behind-the-scenes documentary too: photos of all the studio spaces I’ve painted and shivered in, travel shots from various rambles around the globe, glimpses of sketchbook pages and rough ideas that have never seen the light of day, until now. Flicking through, it’s fun to see my progress and the journey I’ve taken – not just with my work but with life in general.”

Ever since Shat-At, one of Eelus’s first ever outside stencils, was spotted by Banksy and Eine in East London and the image went on to become a sell-out screen print at Pictures On Walls (POW) gallery, the artist has continued to produce sought after work, showing alongside the likes of Banksy, Paul Insect, Jamie Hewlett and David Shrigley, and gone on to curate his own exhibitions.

Invited by Banksy and famous author and art lecturer Tristan Manco to paint at the now legendary Cans Festival in London, 2008, his pieces, including Tiffany for Breakfast, were favourites among both the public and bootleg art scene. In 2009 Eelus was one of a group including Ron English and Will Barras asked by artist Logan Hicks to create work inspired by lyrics from Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown album to show at London’s StolenSpace for the album release.

The following year saw Eelus curate a community arts project in The Gambia called Wide Open Walls, with artists including Logan Hicks, Lucy McLauchlan, Xenz and Broken Crow painting murals around villages. That same year the artist customised a rare replica of Darth Vader’s helmet as part The Vader Project in LA with other artists such as Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto, Mike Giant and Alex Pardee; and in addition to organising his successful second solo show, The Colour Out of Space at Blackall Studios in East London, Eelus had his first solo show in New York at the Brooklynite Gallery, which went on to sell out completely.

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