Create Levels, Share Experiences and Save the Universe with Friends in Piece Corps, A New Mobile Game for iOS and Android


Piece Corps, Created by Joe Doucet Studio, Promotes Diversity and Ignites Imagination
Without Boundaries by Letting Players Control the Game

London, UK. – December 19, 2012 – Piece Corps, a new physics-based mobile game for
casual gamers of all ages, is now available for free to download in the iTunes App Store and
from Google Play. Piece Corps unites its players and characters through unique abilities and
crafty problem solving skills to overcome challenging levels of schoolyard madness. Players can
also control their own game play by creating new levels and sharing with friends, Facebook and
the whole Piece Corps community.

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The Piece Corps characters are a group of daring, young girls who protect the powerful “Book of
Dreams”. Unfortunately, the Evil Scientist has stolen it for his own wicked bidding! So it’s up to
the Piece Corps to band together using their unique abilities against enemies of all kinds to get
the book back safely and save the universe.
“Piece Corps is more than a physics-based mobile game. It empowers imagination and
creativity by supplying the tools for players to create their own levels to be shared within a
global Piece Corps community,” said Joe Doucet. “Also, by leveraging the unique abilities of
these diverse characters, we want to show the promise of uniting through differences, to work
together to achieve common goals.”


(Bundi is challenged by the Foul Janitor, Evil Scientist, Malicious Little Hall Monitors and
Criminal Coach to save Meana)
Key Features:
Who Are The Piece Corps?
Players can select one of five unique Piece Corps characters: Djane, Bundi, Meana, Deevah,
and Martia. Each character possesses three distinctive abilities to help solve complex and
challenging levels. Mix and match from more than 125 different character combinations to best
tackle each puzzling level. For example, players can use Djane’s giant stereo to stun enemies
with a blast of music, or protect your chosen character in her pursuit to save the Piece Corps
friends with Martia’s impenetrable force field.
Quirky Enemies & Allies
The Evil Scientist has enlisted the help of the Wicked Lunch Lady, Foul Janitor, Criminal Coach,
and the Malicious Little Hall Monitors to stop the Piece Corps from recovering the “Book of
Finish an entire pack to free and unlock a Piece Corps friend to help you along the journey.
Players should also always be on the look out for allies like the Powerful Principal, Special
School Nurse, and Cute Crush, who all aid the Piece Corps cause.


(DJane leverages Deevah’s and Bundi’s powers to defeat the Foul Janitor and Malicious Little
Hall Monitors)
Create Levels. Share with the World.
Piece Corps gives players a chance to be a part of the game. Every player is encouraged to put
his or her creative juices to work by building customized levels to share with the global Piece
Corps community. Every level is a playable work of art, which other players can rate and share
as their favorite user-generated level.
Piece Corps is available now for free from the iTunes store ( and for Android
on Google Play ( Piece Corps will be available for Amazon, Kindle and in
the Mac App Store coming soon.


(User-generated level creation)
Stay in touch with the Piece Corps community and their latest news:
About Piece Corps
Piece Corps is created by Joe Doucet and Richard Hinzel of Joe Doucet Studio in association
with Emmy® award-winning writer Jennifer Yale and award-winning entertainment producer
Elsie Choi, and leveraging the Sirqul API’s.
Piece Corps derives its name from the ‘pieces’ each player can mix and match from the
characters, offering up to 125 combinations to create his or her own unique persona. The
intrinsic aim of this game is to promote diversity, friendship and sciences in a physics-based
About Joe Doucet Studio (
Joe Doucet’s ability to fluidly cross the different disciplines of design have made him one of the
most sought after creative talents working in America. After graduating from the prestigious Art
Center College of Design in 1999 with a degree in Communication Design, Doucet quickly
began exporting his vision beyond graphic design into product, furniture, environment &
architecture, packaging, technology and now entertainment, culminating in the launch of Joe
Doucet Studio.
As a designer, inventor, artist and auteur, his work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal
while conveying layers of meaning and message. Doucet believes that design and, more
importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem
solving, as well as aesthetics, whether that be for brands, their product portfolios or for a
broader social context.
Doucet’s work has been exhibited numerous places internationally, including the London Design
Museum and the Biennale International Design in Sainte-Etienne, while his awards include a
2010 World Technology Award for Design, a Good Design Award in 2008, was named the first
ever AvantGuardian for Design in 2009 by Surface Magazine and holds more than 30 patents
for his designs and inventions.


(Deevah combining powers of the Piece Corps to defeat Foul Janitor)
Piece Corps is powered by Sirqul, a ubiquitous social platform that enables consumers and
brands to create their own distributed, Social-Location-Mobile content as a means of driving
awareness and engagement through viral adoption. Joe Doucet Studio has leveraged the Sirqul
API’s to create Piece Corps, one of many games that will be released this winter using the
Sirqul platform. For more information about Sirqul, please visit

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