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Warfare would like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you get a few minutes spare between your busy preparations and celebrations, do head over to Warfare and read about the Christmas Truce of 1914, where First World War cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather describes in his own words the events of Christmas in the trenches and the effect it had on soldiers from both sides.

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December also sees the anniversaries of the Cockleshell Raid of 1942 and the attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941. Seventy years on from the remarkable Operation Frankton, Warfare features an article by Paul Oldfield on the events of the night that the Cockleshell Heroes reached their targets in Bordeaux Harbour, whilst John Winton asks the question; Should the Attack on Pearl Harbor have been a Surprise?

Claymore Press historical fiction author Robert Southworth is the subject of the author spotlight interview, offering advice on where to start when writing a historical novel, his inspirations and his first novel, Spartacus – Talons of an Empire.

For those with an interest in naval history and the War at sea, we have included an article from Seaforth Publishing’s Marcus Faulkner on The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, which had its seventieth anniversary in November.

The latest charity spotlight piece is on the charity Troop Aid, supplying service casualties with basic essentials when they return injured from serving overseas.


We are constantly working on new articles for Warfare, so keep checking back and watch out for news and reviews, and updates about the Warfare app which is currently being developed.

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