Almost immediately after the end of the Second World War,
tensions between the former Allies appeared and quickly
developed into the Cold War. As relations with the Soviets
cooled, Britain and America had to face up to the possibility
that the pilots of the USAAF could soon find themselves lining
up alongside the men of the recently defeated Luftwaffe in a
fight to the death with the Red Army. With that appalling
prospect in mind, the pool of hard-won knowledge of the
Luftwaffe was invaluable – and had to be collected as quickly as


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Luftwaffe Combat Reports contains detailed accounts of
Luftwaffe operations taken from the extensive series of
interviews that were conducted with the higher echelons of the
German Fighter Force in order to absorb every possible lesson
from the Luftwaffe experience at the tactical, operational and
strategic level.
The frustrations that the pilots encountered in their own
aircraft, the tenuous relationship between the fighter and
bomber wings of the Luftwaffe, political interference and the
consequences of intermeddling by Hitler and others in the Nazi
machine are all covered in these absorbing primary source
accounts which provide a unique window into the Luftwaffe at
Bob Carruthers is an Emmy Award winning author and
historian. He has written and edited many books on a wide
range of subjects for Pen & Sword including: Third Reich
Propaganda and The English Civil Wars 1642-1649.

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