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June 24th, 2013 – West Yorkshire

Bedford Interactive’s FORMotion software means learning dance will never be the same again.

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FORMotion is a new industry-leading software tool. Its main display features two side by side HD screens. Into each screen a user can load organised clips of the dance they are learning, which will have been shot from multiple angles by the FORMotion film department. The standard eight camera views (Performance Front Wide; Performance Front Close Up; Studio Front Wide; Studio Front Close Up; Back; Stage Right; Stage Left and Overhead) can be selected at the touch of a button – and there’s room for more views, if you wish.

Functionality doesn’t stop at changing camera angles, along with all the usual transport features we have grown accustomed to (pause, fast forward etc) users can run both or single screens in slow motion; they can define any section they want to work on and have it loop forever; screens can be flipped to provide a ‘mirror’ image (crucial for ensemble work in ballet, for example), and one screen can be enlarged over the other – or simply made full screen. The software is also open-ended, so if a dance company wants to add a particular function (choreographer’s narration, or notation, for example) then they can have it.

Perhaps the most amazing feature about FORMotion is it’s size – it’s tiny! Entire ballets can be archived on just a few gigabytes, enabling users to run FORMotion on most laptops made today. And the price? Incredibly, if you want the FORMotion team to archive your dance, it will cost you a mere £100 per minute of dance (the software comes free). So, if your dance is 20 minutes long, that’s around £2000 for a multi-camera HD resource that makes that old ‘single camera stuck right at the back of the theatre DVD’ look like the very old technology it is. In addition to financially saving companies thousands in long-term benefits by using FORMotion, Bedford Interactive also can assist dance companies in creating the highest quality dance education resources using their FORMotion archive – offsetting their investment even further.

FORMotion – the Future Of Retaining Motion

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