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Six years on from its range debut, Roth AV announces the third generation of its stereo and home cinema speaker line, the OLi RA. Made up of two bookshelf models, a pair of towers, a centre speaker, and a subwoofer, the new models offer a compelling mix of competitive pricing and excellent audio performance.

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Delivering style and substance, especially at these relatively modest price-points, is no mean feat, yet all of the OLi RA models deliver curvaceous cabinets together with a stunning matt black finish. From the OLi RA1 baby of the range to the OLi RA4 flagship, the monitors look set to stylishly grace any living environment.

Looks, of course, in the speaker world, mean zero unless they are accompanied by sonic ability. Naturally, the new range firmly ticks this box. The previous two OLi ranges had already generated numerous rave reviews – from critics, such as those at Hi-Fi Choice, Home Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews, and What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, and the buying public alike – and this generation benefits from acoustic tuning by hugely experience and highly respected UK speaker designer Richard Allen. The team at Roth AV has long admired the voicing talents of the man behind boutique speaker brands, including Arcaydis and EB Acoustics and determinedly brought him in to work on its new OLis.

The resulting ‘RA” tagged OLi range means buyers can invest in speakers tuned by a master speaker designer, as well as one backed by the manufacturing skills and distribution excellence of Roth AV. Using a 1” black diamond silk dome tweeter throughout, the OLi family delivers sweet treble full of detail. The OLi RA bookshelf combines this tweeter with a 4” woven fibreglass hybrid driver to provide a superb little speaker, ideal for micro systems and budget hi-fi systems. Its RA2 big bro’ features a larger 5.25” driver and greater cabinet volume, meaning it can generate even greater room-filling sound. The RA3 tower employs the same silk dome tweeter together with a pair of 5.25” drivers, and the flagship RA4 employs a fearsome brace of 6.5” drivers. The OLi C30 centre speaker uses the range tweeter together with a pair of 5.25” drivers, and is timbre matched to blend seamlessly with all models in the Roth speaker series. Finally, the KH30 subwoofer adds up to 200 watts of power handling to the home cinema mix.


Sounding as beautiful as they look, the speakers in the OLi RA range become even more appealing when you hang a price tag from their curves. The lines starts with the £99 RA1, moves to £149 for the RA2 bookshelf, and tops out at £299 and £399 for the RA3 and RA4 towers respectively. Home cinema fans should budget just a further £99 for the C30 centre channel, and £249 for the KH30 subwoofer.

The Roth OLi RA series launches in the UK on 01 September 2013.

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