Discovery was built for Captain Scott’s first Antarctic
expedition of 1901-04 and was launched over a century
ago at Dundee. She endured many long, hard years at
sea – and on the London river during the Second World
War – before eventually returning to Scotland in 1986.
This book tells the thrilling story of that eventful career.

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Specially designed for the National Antarctic Expedition
proposed by the Royal Geographical Society at the close of
the nineteenth century, the Discovery set sail from Cowes in
August 1901 under the command of Captain Scott.
Throughout the First World War she traded under charter
and, in 1925, became the first Royal Research Ship. Later
moored on the Thames Embankment, she survived the
London Blitz before returning to Dundee in 1986 where she
lives afloat today.
Vivid descriptions of Discovery’s voyages, and of the
legendary bravery of the explorers who sailed her, conjure up
the lost world of wooden ships and early Antarctic
exploration in this lavishly illustrated volume. It is an
essential read for all who have an interest in maritime history.
ANN SAVOURS is one of Britain’s leading experts on Polar
exploration and was on the staff of the Scott Polar Research
Institute from 1954 to 1966. She is the author of two other
highly acclaimed polar books, Scott’s Last Voyage and The
Search for the North West Passage.

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