‘Breakdancing Jesus’ artist announces print release of his infamous 28-ft mural


A British artist who hit the headlines last month when his 28-ft mural of a ‘Breakdancing Jesus’ became a viral Internet sensation, is pleased to announce that this hugely successful art piece is to be released — for the first time — as a limited edition print.

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Cosmo Sarson’s giant mural featuring a striking depiction of Jesus Christ breakdancing was unveiled in June 2013 in the Stoke’s Croft area of Bristol opposite Banksy’s iconic ‘Mild Mild West’ piece.

The controversial painting went viral, and within hours, the interest in the mural had crashed Sarson’s website and placed the fine artist in the global media spotlight.

Now released as a collectible edition of 80 beautifully hand-finished A1 Giclee prints, ‘Breakdancing Jesus – the Salute’ is a stunning replica of the original mural. The artist has individually hand-applied a full gold leaf finish onto the background of each print to create a unique aesthetic, with no two prints the same.

Inspired by a newspaper cutting of Pope John Paul II enjoying a breakdancing display at the Vatican in 2004, the artwork is, Sarson says, open to interpretation. “Some see it as inflammatory and there was some controversy in Northern Ireland after a photo of it appeared in The Belfast Telegraph. But on the whole, the piece has been well-received.”

He adds: “There is already a tradition of dancing Jesus, as in Sydney Carter’s hymn, ‘Lord of the Dance’. The model for this painting is actually a deaf dancer friend of mine who can dance by feeling the rhythm through the floor vibrations. I like this fact, as I feel it relates to the miracles Jesus performed: getting the blind to see; the deaf to hear; and the crippled to walk.”

The print, which is signed by the artist, will be exclusively available to pre-order for £150.00 at www.cosmosarson.com on July 31, 2013.

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