Kickstarter Success for Cardiff Film-Maker

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Digital entrepreneur building world’s first Facebook horror game raises 100% of its funding through Kickstarter campaign

Cardiff, UK 23rd July 2013

Cardiff Start member Simon Stratton, has raised the £14,500 he required for his project ‘Banshee’ by using a Kickstarter campaign.

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Banshee are building the world’s first multiplayer team-based horror game played through Facebook. The Kickstarter campaign ran for 29 days and only just achieved the target funding on the final day. Funding campaigns using the crowdfunding website have risen in popularity over recent years, but are few enjoy the accomplishment of a fully-funded project.

When asked how he promoted the Kickstarter campaign to make it such a success, Simon said ‘Over the course of the Kickstarter we used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ groups. Initially though, we lined up lots of blog, newspaper and radio press coverage which gave us a huge boost.’

He went on to add ‘Getting on blogs and forums kept us ticking over during the 29 days, along with daily video updates on Youtube. Then we really pushed our project on Facebook and Twitter in the last week to get us over the line (just!). You really have to work during the campaign to make sure that every follower on Twitter and person who’s liked your page on Facebook knows about your project – by engaging them with quizzes, adventure stories and lots of behind-the-scenes updates.

Things that people can share, like videos and pictures, help bring a new audience to the project. Linkedin worked well, but only with people we knew. We made the mistake of paying £50 for an advert on a horror website, but this didn’t lead to any pledges.’

The most popular pledges that Banshee promoted were £20 for a unique piece of concept art and £50 to become a part of the game.

The highest pledges received were for £1,500 which offered executive producer credits in the film, pages from the script with director notes, an artwork book as well as in-game benefits.

Cardiff Start was launched earlier this year and one of it’s main aims was to connect it’s members to sources of funding. This is a success story that fellow members of the group will take inspiration from and hopefully be inspired by.

Kickstarter takes a 5% commission of the funds raised and will release the money 14 days after the end of the campaign, it does however leave the owners of the project in 100% control of their business and is a great way to raise interest of a project.

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