Arts Council funds Pioneering Dance Software


Bedford Interactive (, a not-for-profit company, are delighted to announce that they have secured further substantial funding from the Arts Council of England to continue their research and development of their industry-leading software, FORMotion (

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Extending their work with two of the most highly respected dance companies in the UK: Northern Ballet – led by Artistic Director, David Nixon OBE; and Phoenix Dance Theatre – led by Artistic Director, Sharon Watson, Bedford Interactive will use the grant to create interactive company; educational, and public resources of dance works by both companies – and promote this shared practise with other UK dance companies.

The unique design of FORMotion allows users to load professionally filmed synchronised, multi-camera clips into 2 side-by-side HD screens – allowing users to archive, view and learn details of (in this case dance) in a way that has never been possible before. Users can run both or single screens in slow motion; they can define any section they want to work on and have it loop forever; screens can be flipped to provide a ‘mirror’ image, and one screen can be enlarged over the other – or simply made full screen. The software is also open-ended, so if a company wants to add a particular function (choreographer’s narration, or notation, for example) then they can have it.

Michael Schofield, Lead Developer of the FORMotion software added

“This funding will allow Northern Ballet, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Bedford Interactive to investigate new possibilities for technology and dance, including developing specialist apps for learning repertoire in the studio, exploring new ways of making dance more accessible to the public and tooling-up dance companies so they can produce their own interactive educational materials.”

David Nixon, OBE, Artistic Director of Northern Ballet also added:

“This is going to be an essential tool for us… One of the difficulties for dancers is that the dancers are all expected to learn in the same way. FORMotion achieves a great deal of freedom and sense of control. With a tool like this they can learn at their own pace, inevitably buying more time and more security in terms of confidence”.

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