Historic Keith Haring work to be auctioned for CityKids charity

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There’s an extraordinary opportunity for contemporary art lovers and philanthropists alike this October as a unique Keith Haring work comes on the open market for the first time.

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“CityKids Speak on Education” will be auctioned at the Hotel Druout on Friday 25 October 2013 by Digard Auctions in partnership with MM Contemporary Arts. MM Contemporary Arts is run by Mary McCarthy, the UK’s leading experts on Urban Contemporary art.


The work has been made available by CityKids. Haring created several unique paintings for them and the work offers a unique representation of both Haring’s extraordinary talent and his personal passion.


The work was painted by Haring in 1989. The vast majority of Haring’s work served to express his beliefs against wrongdoing or support for causes close to his heart, and this piece is no exception. The artist was a keen supporter and founding member of CityKids. The charity has decided to sell this unique and personal canvas to raise funds to relocate to a state of the art property which will help them serve more children.


The canvas has all the characteristics of a seminal Haring work – thick graphic black lines outline the androgynous figures that are exploding with movement and Haring’s signature vibrant colors, which create momentum and expression to his two dimensional figures.

The centre of the canvas is reminiscent of a version of a Russian Doll – one gives way to another, as if to represent the progressive development of a child through to adulthood. All of which reflect CityKids provision of educational skills and positive role models- standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before.

Now, it’s hoped the sale of the Keith Haring work will help CityKids help even more children. The estimate for the piece is €300,000-400,000.


Two CityKids, who are now in college, will be holding a workshop at the Druout Building on Thursday 24 October, in which they will use various materials to allow children to create how they see themselves – creating a “Face of a CityKid”. The work will be combined with a street art style, and a live performance.


Kirsten Connor, Executive Director of CityKids, says “Keith Haring has been a huge source of inspiration and example to the young people with whom we work. This piece is a part of both Keith’s legacy and ours. It’s time for CityKids to grow again, to reach more children and youth, in a space suitable for purpose. The sale of Keith’s work will help us achieve this – something he would have been passionate about too.”


The work has been bought to market by Digard Auctions and MM Contemporary Arts.

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