threshr Launches as Fast, Fresh Magazine App For Twitter


RECOGNIZING TWITTER AS THE WORLD’S NEWS SOURCE THRESHR SETS OUT TO CREATE A FAST, FRESH MAGAZINE FROM SHARED LINKS Founded and funded by a group of former Google & Netflix employees, threshr takes first steps in bigger vision of touch-first content discovery and enjoyment.

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August 21, 2013 • San Francisco – CA

Twitter is the greatest source of content on the planet – but the best content often gets buried. This is the problem that threshr addresses.

Available worldwide from today, threshr for iPhone separates out the articles, videos, and other content shared in your Twitter feed and organizes them into an easy-to-consume little magazine.

The team at threshr are betting, just as the founders of Google bet before them – that the more links a page has to it, the more interesting it is likely to be. So threshr ranks all the links shared by your Twitter network by the number of retweets. Simple as that.

Now, instead of trawling through an ocean of Tweets to find something worth your time, threshr takes you directly to the good stuff.

Thomas Purnell-Fisher (Founder) says: “The problem of ‘content discovery’ is one that gets a lot of attention (and funding) in the tech world. I personally had a problem getting directly to the great stuff linked in my Twitter feed, so we came at it fresh and applied some basic logic: if it’s been retweeted a bunch of times, it’s probably worth looking at.

“How is threshr different from Flipboard? Flipboard is immensely sophisticated and beautiful, but one thing it lacks is a sense of immediacy. If you’re looking to replace the Sunday paper or a magazine subscription, Flipboard delivers. threshr, on the other hand gives a quick, fresh view of the best content flowing through Twitter right this second, and it’s meant to be used one handed, on the go – the whole app can be enjoyed just using your thumb.”

threshr is available free in the App Store:



threshr is built by the team at Orooso, a team of four based in San Francisco. They are obsessed with touch-based user experiences and are on a mission to revolutionize mobile search and discovery. Their next product coming to launch is an iPad app that makes search an immersive experience.

Orooso was founded in 2012 by Thomas Purnell-Fisher, former Product Director at Netflix and Head of Product for YouTube on TV at Google. Orooso is his third start-up. The first two were b2b companies that served the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

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