HMS Fearless The Mighty Lion


This book follows a format that is sadly out of favour for long periods, but which cannot be bettered in providing a detailed history of a ship and her people. Most frequently it is the format favoured by those who served on the vessel that is subject of a book. One reason that this format is still relatively rare is that it requires very thorough research, interviews with a large number of people associated with the ship, and this thorough work is costly in time and expenses. Many authors of naval history prefer to avoid this level of work in researching for a book. However, the result is not just highly valued by former shipmates, but by anyone wanting to read a definitive history of a vessel that is unlikely ever to be bettered.

The author is to be commended for the care and affection with which he has recorded the story of this ship. The standard of illustration is extremely good and adds greatly to the account. There really is not much more to say about the book than that it is a definitive history and demands to be read.




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