Sea Witch, The First Voyage of Jesamiah Acorne



Sea Witch is a pirate tale and a very good one. There are all the necessary ingredients, battles, love and sex, exotic backgrounds, highs and lows, suspense and a hint of what will come in the next book in the series. The reader’s attention is held to the end of the story. The author has carried out thorough research that places this as an historical novel that is credible.

In reviewing a novel, there is a fine line between providing enough information to encourage readers to rush out and buy a copy, and spoiling a great plot. The author has already written four books in this series and this is the first to be released. As all four stories have been provided by the publisher for review, they have been read in sequence. Each story stands in its own right, but they build on the previous stories. For a reader coming to the series at a later book, it is worth buying all the books, starting at the beginning, and reading right the way through, including the first story that the reader began with.




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