Annya Sand. Pushkin. 2013. Oil on canvas. 91 x 71 cm.

Study of Russia exhibition at Asia House, London, 4-8 December 2013

· Ahead of UK-Russia Year of Culture

· Features Russia’s cultural and political icons

· Supported by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

Ahead of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014, December 2013 will see Asia House host the exhibition Study of Russia. The exhibition will celebrate Russian cultural icons through the works of Contemporary artist Annya Sand, who has been inspired by Russia’s multifaceted heritage. Some works hark to the pastoral beauty of Russia’s landscape; some celebrate its architectural heritage, while others explore famous faces and figures in Russian society. Study of Russia will also include a panel discussion with leading cultural and political commentators.

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The exhibition has the support of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who says, “I would like to welcome the Study of Russia exhibition to London. I hope that it is a fantastic success and would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest good wishes for the forthcoming UK-Russia Year of Culture”.

“Study of Russia is a truly challenging and exciting project. It took me two years to complete this series of paintings. It was a deeply emotional and personal journey,” says Sand. “The collection is an exploration of the ravishing diversity within Russia, a country with a fascinating cultural heritage and close connections to Europe and Central Asia. By bringing these artworks to the London art scene, I hope to contribute to the dialogue between Russia and the UK, while providing a cultural and historical context. Study of Russia highlights Russia’s multifaceted culture: from mesmerising cathedrals and ballet dancers, to portraits of Russia’s most iconic and influential leaders. It is my personal belief that continuously presenting the public with foreign cultures in multiple ways helps promote peace through art, and thus fosters better understanding between nations.”

Celebrating the long cultural tradition of engagement between the two countries, the UK/Russia Year of Culture in 2014 will illustrate the way in which the relationship continues to develop new, creative and contemporary narratives in both countries.

The exhibition is proud to partner with The Children’s Burns Trust and 20 percent of proceeds from the sale of the exhibition will go towards the charity.

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