Demand for woollen coffins increases as more Britons plan an alternative funeral


A growing number of Britons are planning their own alternative funerals or those of their loved ones.




And among the items proving increasingly popular are Natural Legacy woollen coffins.

Handmade at a historic mill in West Yorkshire with soft British wool, Natural Legacy woollen coffins are a beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional coffin. Suitable for both burial and cremation, families love the more personalised and gentler goodbye that they allow.

Each Natural Legacy coffin and ash casket is expertly made from 100% pure new British wool, strong recycled cardboard and organic cotton on the same premises that has produced the outer woollen cloth for over 230 years.

Natural Legacy saw a 30% increase in sales in September compared to the same time last year and is forecasting continued strong growth in the UK and internationally over the coming 12 months.

And to coincide with the growing interest, Natural Legacy has added a new soft Limestone cloth to its range which also includes a Natural cloth.

The dramatic Yorkshire Moors is the setting for a new promotional campaign for Natural Legacy which makes its coffins from British wool fleeces with new photography taken in a specially commissioned photo-shoot.

Julie Greenough, of Natural Legacy, said: “People love our Natural Legacy coffins because they are so comforting and tactile. We have expanded our range to include a darker more masculine colour using our Limestone cloth.

“As a company, we recognise the importance of delivering the best of British design and manufacturing allied to the most rigorous possible testing of every product we produce.”

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