Hewson Kickstarter 50% funded, industry pioneers signed up


Hewson Consultants Ltd’s Kickstarter campaign for a new book entitled Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers has reached the 50% funded milestone after 10 days.

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The book’s author, Andrew Hewson, was the founder of Hewson Consultants, 21st Century Entertainment and the founding Chairman of United Kingdom trade body ELSPA (now known as UKIE).

Throughout the campaign, more industry pioneers have been announced as contributors to the book, including Steve Turner (Graftgold), Andreas Axelsson & Fredrik Liljegren (Co-Founders of DICE), Raffaele Cecco (Cybernoid, Exolon, Stormlord) Oliver Frey, Roger Kean and many more.

“We are delighted to have reached this important milestone and to have attracted so many top industry icons to contribute to the book,” Said Andrew Hewson, Founder of Hewson Consultants. He continued, “The most surprising thing has been the level of support from outside the UK, with backers coming from as far as Australia and Japan – clearly Hewson’s talented game creators had a much broader impact that we realised. Now the focus is on working hard to bring even more to the table as the campaign continues.”

Hewson Consultants and 21st Century Entertainment forged reputations for releasing some of the most innovative and high quality titles of their era by discovering and fostering development legends like Raffaele Cecco (Exolon, Cybernoid), Andrew Braybrook (Uridium, Paradroid), John Phillips (Nebulus), Steve Turner (Avalon, Quazatron), Dominic Robinson (Zynaps) and the founders of DICE who launched their first games, Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, through 21st Century Entertainment.

Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers is about more than just the history of Hewson Consultants and 21st Century Entertainment, and it’s about more than just the games. It’s a book which digs beneath the surface to examine the forces which made those companies such prolific hit-producers, unearthing a rich tapestry of expertise for the new generation of bedroom coders. It’s a story of triumph and disaster, ecstasy and turmoil and perpetual market forces in an industry which is constantly reinventing itself.

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