Welsh Oak Frame: Finding the perfect plot of land

Rear view of property

When looking for the foundation for your dream home or special project, you can find yourself up against stiff competition for the best plot of land. To help you locate the ideal spot, Carol Parry, marketing manager for award-winning Welsh Oak Frame, shares some expert tips:



Get help from the professionals
Subscribing to a specialist agency such as Plotfinder.net or Plotbrowser.com can be a great starting point. These collect information from those selling land and you can access it by typing in the postcode or name of your chosen area. This also provides a helpful guide on pricing and land availability.
Do your planning permission research
Bear in mind planning and legal considerations for the design and structure you want to build when selecting a plot.


Be willing to compromise
Think about what you really need and what you can manage without, as you may have to compromise to get a plot that’s suitable and in your price range. A fantastic view of rolling countryside may be on your wishlist, but you’ll be expected to pay a premium for it.
Replacement dwelling plots
Remember that you can always buy an existing house with a plan to knock it down and re-build. This is the best way to make use of a site where the current building does not meet your needs and it’s a cost-effective method too.
And finally…
Don’t forget, once you’ve discovered the perfect spot, Welsh Oak Frame can help you, as we work closely with planning departments and local authorities across the country to make sure good communication is maintained and best working practice is achieved.

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