WowWee MIP Robot launch at London Toy Fair


The new WowWee MIP Robot launch in UK at London Toy Fair, 21/1/2014 –



MiP (short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum) is the latest innovation by WowWee in association with UCSD’s (University of California at San Diego) Coordinated Robots Lab. Equipped with GestureSense™ technology, any hand motion controls MiP™.

With its unique dual wheel balancing, MIP is a fully interactive robot able to navigate its surroundings while controlled by hand gestures, or through a Bluetooth link to any smart device. MiP has an inquisitive and responsive personality that is communicated through motion, sound, and its LED “eyes”. Along with a tray accessory that can be attached, MiP can balance multiple objects while moving or standing still, including another MiP!

See WowWee MIP AT London Toy Fair at: TRENDS UK, STAND GALLERY 410

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