A global online interactive adventure


The world’s best-selling thriller writer James Patterson has gone missing


Patterson’s Crime Fighters Assemble to find the culprit and bring them to justice


In a publishing first, a global online interactive adventure is launched uniting crime fighters Alex Cross, Lindsay Boxer, Michael Bennett and Jack Morgan* from James Patterson’s novels for the first time ever



James Patterson has gone missing. The culprit – a supervillain known only as Jane Doe – has got in touch with his publishers and 3.8 million fans via his facebook page, and informed them that as the world’s best (undiscovered) villain only she deserves to be written about by James. If fans can’t crack her clues in seven days he will be forced to write solely about Jane killing off his classic detective characters forever more.


The interactive adventure starts on 21 February with Jane Doe hacking James Patterson’s facebook page and posting clues as to his whereabouts each day.


Alarmed by the new reality and fighting for their survival, James Patterson’s characters – Alex Cross, Lindsay Boxer, Michael Bennett and Jack Morgan – will come to life and aid the community in the hunt by offering their expert guidance and helping solve the clues. Fans will be helping each other too, collaborating on the clues and interacting with both the Patterson characters and Jane Doe herself.

Fans that discover James Patterson’s final whereabouts will be in with a chance of winning fantastic prizes and one lucky investigator extraordinaire will be immortalized as a key character in a new James Patterson novel.


The action begins 21 February 2014 at 09:00hrs GMT at wwww.facebook.com/jamespatterson

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