Escape from Stalag Luft III by steam train!


Special train “Harry” on Monday, 24 March will commemorate 70th Anniversary of The Great Escape


Monday, 24th March 2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Great Escape, when 76 prisoners of war made a daring escape from Stalag Luft III, a prisoner of war camp situated near what is now the town of Zagan in western Poland.

To mark this historic occasion, the Wolsztyn Experience, operator of the last scheduled steam passenger services in the world, has organised a special steam train on that day, from Poznan to Zagan and back.


The train will depart from Poznan on Monday morning (24 March) and arrive at Zagan in time for all the commemorative activities taking place at the Stalag Luft III museum on the day.


The return train to Poznan will depart from a siding just 100 yards from the tunnel exit of “Harry” at 22.30 hrs on Monday evening, the exact time on 24 March 1944 when the escaping prisoners emerged.


Wolsztyn Experience is a Mutual Trust Society that has operated steam locomotive footplate courses in Poland for the last 16 years and has helped maintain the last regular scheduled service steam trains in the world on the lines from Wolsztyn to Leszno and Wolsztyn to Poznan.


Since its formation in 1998, Wolsztyn Experience has attracted visitors from 26 nations. In addition to offering its renowned footplate experience courses, the Society has formed a close relationship with the museum at nearby Zagan, arranging personal tours for many of its guests to Stalag Luft III and forming a close relationship with the museum.


To be part of this unique event on 24 March, the UK office of Wolsztyn Experience will be delighted to arrange travel to Poland via Berlin or Poznan, hotel accommodation and tickets for the special train.


Any profits from the sale of train tickets for this event will be shared equally between the Wolsztyn steam depot and the Zagan museum.


For full details of fares, travel and hotel packages in Poznan or Wolsztyn, Please contact Nigel Fitt in the UK office of Wolsztyn Experience on 01842 860436 or

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