Unique 3 to play Memory Box Social on Saturday 8 March @ Horse & Groom


On Saturday 8th March acid house legend Unique 3 who created the iconic “The Theme ” will play at Memory Box Social, the more intimate off-shoot of Memory Box. Capturing and celebrating defining moments in the last few decades of electronic music, the night delves deep into its rich history, trawling the archives to produce a broad selection of sonic memoirs to enlighten, inspire and educate a new generation.



When asked for a quote, Unique 3 came back with this…. so out goes the usual press release, here instead is his monologue…

“I had decided to pack the whole music thing in. It had been …. what? 26 … 27 years. All those bleeps, that thunderous, bowel moving Bass … had totally ruined my insides. it had just got too much!??Making my whole sorry situation worse was the fact that my wife, who likes a good old 3 day party, just as much as the next rave queen, is more of a 30 Seconds To Mars than a Unique 3 fan and every time I put my latest studio creation on, in the vain hope of some glint of an ego polishing reaction from her, she shot me THAT look which inevitably resulted in me turning the volume dial anti-clockwise and then spending the rest of the evening doing my level best to hide the tears which fall freely from my bloodshot eyes.??

I’d had enough. And just like the 15 year old me, I ran away to London again, leaving Bleeps, Bass & Beats AND that live band loving wife of mine behind for good. I didn’t need any of it anymore. I have a smart phone, Twitter and Facebook, I’ll be alright!??

I’d been begging my way across Shoreditch for about two weeks, It had been an exciting Saturday – I had cut a brand new hole in my belt that very day with a shiv I’d fashioned from a discarded afro comb.??

Shuffling into a cooler part of town, I stumbled across a venue proudly displaying posters for ‘Memory Box Parties’ – The DJ line up was a list of my old contemporaries – A Guy Called Gerald & 808 State, sounds from my youth poured from the venue. It had been a long, cold day and the new boots I had taken off a drunk on Bethnal Green Boulevard were pinching a bit and causing me to blister, which was pissing me RIGHT off.??

I can’t lie. The Acid swirls, the bouncing Bass, the Bleeps got me all excited. What WAS this Memory Box thing? I needed to get near to a speaker and bury my head in it for a few hours, just to soak up the sounds. I had no entrance fee and, to be honest, I wasn’t looking my best. Despite ALL my best chat up lines, the thick set doorman wasn’t letting me in, and, as Unique 3 – ‘The Theme’ blared out of the sound system, there was nothing I could do or say to convince him that I was, in fact, Unique 3.??

Shunned away from the venue entrance, all I could do was to tap the notes of The Theme bassline on the venue window with an old beer bottle cap and think back to those heady, early rave days when the world was our oyster and my hair was lush and over conditioned.??

The security boys didn’t even let me tap my way into the second half of the track before chasing me off into the dark and lonely night.??

“I’ll be back!”??

“just you wait and friggin see” ….??

“I AM Unique 3 and you’ll me nodding your big, thick necks to ME someday soon” I shouted over my shoulder, as I scurried off into the night.??

And I am back!…?? On March 8th YOU’LL be tapping away with discarded bottle tops to MY set of classic Techno, Acid infused Electronica, Jump-Up Jungle, Breaks, Bass, Bleeps and Beats from Chicago through Detroit and into the Industrial Heartlands of Yorkshire Bleep via some re-edited Boutique Warehouse Rave.??

Spare any change please?”

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