Moller International Skycar® 400 VTOL


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The Moller Skycar is the first of its kind; an aircraft with the multiple capabilities of “hovering” like a helicopter and “forward flight” like a fixed wing aircraft. It’s the commuter transportation solution of the future available now in an advanced radio control aircraft.

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Compatible with DX18 Transmitter – Learn More Here

The ASI Moller Skycar is a capable scaled version of the original, designed for easy and safe operation yet true to the design of the original. Rugged lightweight construction along with three-axis stabilization provides a high level of precision and performance. Features include:

All you need to fly the Moller Skycar is included in the box including transmitter, charger, battery, and ready-to-fly aircraft.

True scale replica licensed by Moller International that matches the performance of the unique full-size Skycar.

Easy to control in both hover and forward flight. Computerized flight stabilization with manual override – this simplifies takeoff and landing and provides stability in all flight modes. You can select the amount of control and stability assistance.

Full composite construction of fiberglass and carbon fiber for strength, durability, and light weight.

Advanced seven-channel transmitter included with flight battery telemetry with alarms.

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RC Aircraft, Scale Model, Ducted Fan
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Additional Information:

Length: 39.4 in

Width: 30 in. With Wings extended

Flying Weight: 10 lbs

Battery: 22.2V 4400mAH Lithium-Polymer

Transmitter: Programmable (pre-programmed for the Skycar) seven-channel 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping with telemetry

Charger: 100W automatic charge

Tricycle retracts installed with nose wheel steering for improved ground handling

Flight duration: Approximately 8 minutes

Power: four powerful 60 amp electric ducted fans are controlled by individual electronic speed controllers (installed)

Stabilization: Motors and control surfaces are managed by ASI 3-axis stability system.
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