Book Review – The Home Front in the Great War, Aspects of the Conflict 1914-1918


This book is filled with a most interesting collection of photographs and drawings throughout the 
body of the book. They add greatly to the story which includes many personal reflections from 
those who lived through those days. The author has worked skilfully through all of the aspects 
of life on the Home Front. He conveys the sense of engagement where civilians identified 
themselves as part of the battle lines.

In charting the progress at home, the social changes can be graphically seen. As more and 
more men went off to fight, many never to return, women became involved in a range of 
jobs that had previously not been available to them. They earned money, sometimes very 
good money, when previously many had been entirely dependent on male relatives. They 
also experiences enemy fire with the terror bombing raids by airships and the bombardment 
of civilian targets ashore by German warships.