New Book – The West Highland Lines Post-Beeching



The West Highland Lines Post-Beeching by Gordon Webster is a first-class journey along one of the world’s finest railway lines.  Published 1st May 2014, this £16.99 paperback original takes a detailed look at the lines, their workings and the rolling stock.

 The West Highland railway line is revered around the world for its fascinating history and spectacular beauty. In 2009 it was voted as the ‘top rail journey in the world’ (ahead of the iconic Trans-Siberian line in Russia and the Cuzco to Machu Picchu line in Peru.) The line itself travels through some of the most remote, picturesque and dramatic scenery in the country—sections of the Harry Potter film series were even filmed along the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Gordon Webster’s The West Highland Lines: Post Beeching takes an in-depth look at the lines after they narrowly escaped the infamous Beeching Report—which forced the closure of almost one third of Britain’s railways during the 1960s. The book examines how the lines have gone on to prosper from this and how it became one of the finest railway lines in the world.

  • The book takes a detailed look at the lines, their workings and the rolling stock
  • Contains a range of technical and specialist content perfect for the diesel and preserved steam enthusiast.
  • Combines original research with previously unpublished images, maps and tables.
  • Coincides with the 120th anniversary of the West Highland line between Glasgow and Fort William.

The author Gordon D. Webster studied journalism at the Glasgow Caledonian University and is a life-long railway enthusiast. Carrying on in his father’s footsteps, Gordon plans to combine his passion for the railways and talent with the written word to embark upon a career as a railway author. The West Highland Lines: Post-Beeching will be his debut book in which will exhibit his impressive collection of railway images and memorabilia.