New Book – The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill 1940



The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill 1940

Anthony Dix

While the campaign in Norway, from April to June 1940, was a depressing opening to active hostilities between Britain and Nazi Germany, it led directly to Churchill’s war leadership and The Coalition. Both were to prove decisive in the long term. This well-researched work, with its informed mix of politics and military action, gives a balanced overview of this ill-fated venture. Containing a strong account of the strategy and tactics employed in this crucial campaign, it also tracks the political background and activity in London as well as the cabinet in-fighting. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the Second World War or military operations in general.

RRP £25.00

244 Pages • Hardback

ISBN: 9781783400607


New Book – Two Fronts, One War


Two Fronts, One War

Dramatic Eyewitness Accounts of WWII

Charles W. Sasser

Foreword by Michael Stephenson

War is the story of individuals painted into a broader tapestry of overpowering events. While examining the wider historical perspective to lay the foundation, this book relates the individual stories of the Second World War  – of Allied bomber pilots shot down over Germany, of American dogfaces fighting to grip a toehold on Iwo Jima, of men struggling for survival during the Bataan Death March, of tankers in Europe and pilots who flew the first B-29s against Japan’s mainland, of incredible feats of heroism and self-sacrifice, even of great wartime romances.

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New Book – Spying for the Fuhrer



Spying for the Fuhrer

Hitler’s Espionage Machine

Christer Jorgensen

Spying for the Fuhrer is the story of German intelligence agencies leading up to and during World War II. From the fledgling beginnings of the Nazi SA, or Stormtroopers, grew an espionage machine to rival any in the world. The words SD, Abwehr and Gestapo are some of the most evocative words associated with the war, and all these were German intelligence units. Tasked with suppressing internal unrest, planting agents abroad to gather intelligence or sabotage, the Third Reich’s espionage machinery had a long reach.

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New Book – Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941 – 1942



Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941 – 1942


Robert Forczyk

The German panzer armies that swept into the Soviet Union in 1941 were an undefeated force that had honed their skill in combined arms warfare to a fine edge. The Germans focused their panzers and tactical air support at points on the battlefield defined as Schwerpunkt  – main effort – to smash through any defensive line and then advance to envelope their adversaries.

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From Stalingrad to Berlin



From Stalingrad to Berlin

Earl Zeimke

Ed. by Bob Carruthers

This new illustrated volume of one of the most the authoritative texts on World War II concentrates on the Russo-German war from Stalingrad to Berlin. Topics include the strategies and tactics adopted by both sides, partisan and psychological warfare, coalition warfare, and manpower and production problems faced by both countries but by the Germans in particular.

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Tank Tracks to Rangoon



Tank Tracks to Rangoon

The Story of British Armour in Burma

Bryan Perrett

Fighting in a somewhat forgotten corner of Empire during the Second World War, the British and Indian armoured regiments called upon to harness the power of tank warfare to extreme new levels did so in an effort to outwit an army until that point considered invincible –  the Imperial Japanese Army. Their collective efforts were heroic and massively effective, giving the Japanese a taste of mechanised warfare from which they never recovered.

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Obedient Unto Death



Obedient Unto Death

A Panzer Grenadier of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler Reports

Werner Kindler

Foreword by Charles Messenger

Between 1941 and 1944 Waffen-SS Oberscharführer (Sergeant) Werner Kindler took part in 84 days of close combat, qualifying him for the Close Combat Clasp in Gold, the Third Reich’s highest decoration for a frontline soldier. He was also awarded the German Cross in Gold, the Iron Cross First and Second Class and the Wound Badge in Gold.

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