New DVD – Crimea 1941 – 1942

The Russian Front
Crimea 1941 – 1942
Run time: 60 mins
The German Propaganda Kompanien (PK) captured the events of Hitler’s war on every front. Their footage was used to produce Die Deutsche Wochenschau, a weekly cinema newsreel detailing the events of World War II on land, sea and air.

For the first time these unique primary source films have been collated, edited and translated into English in order to produce a complete military history of the Third Reich drawn exclusively from German primary sources. This amazing range of films captures the events of World War II exactly as they were presented to contemporary cinema audiences while the actions on the battlefield were still unfolding.
This volume records the battles for the Crimean Peninsula and the fall of the Fortress of Sevastopol, where the Axis powers of Germany, Romania and Italy fought against the Soviet Union for control of the port. Several attempts were made to take the port in October and November of 1941, but it wasn’t until July 1942 that the Axis powers finally seized control of the port after the Soviets surrendered. Both sides suffered heavy losses, with the Germans losing over 4,000 men and the Russians losing 18,000, as well as having 95,000 Soviet troops captured.