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All homes must comply with the Building Regulations rules

For many self-builders, achieving planning permission or a rapidly diminishing budget can often be the cause of sleepless nights, but did you know that the design for your new home could make it through the planning process but then stumble at a later hurdle – at the Building Regulations?

In fact, if you don’t get the details right in the initial plans you submit, you could end up having to put amended plans through again at a later stage – slowing down your project and using up more of your valuable time and budget. That’s why working with an experienced designer who has a thorough understanding of the regulations is essential when embarking on a self-build project.

Bespoke oak-frame designers and builders Welsh Oak Frame work with their customers every the step of the way – to prevent possible legislative problems from arising and slowing down the project. Welsh Oak Frame’s marketing manager Carol Parry explains more:

“The Building Regulations for an oak-frame home is something that has to be carefully considered at the design concept stage. When working with an oak frame specialist like Welsh Oak Frame, you can be confident that the design will get off to a good start, whereas working with a designer or architect who doesn’t have specific experience with oak can often be difficult – as there is so much to consider. And if you have already chosen an architect, then we are always happy to work alongside them and share our experience and knowledge to make sure the design works well.

“The Building Regulations relate to all aspects of construction, including foundations, damp-proofing, heating, insulation and overall stability of the property, and the main reason they are in place is to make sure your property is safe, sustainable and built to satisfactory standards.

“At Welsh Oak Frame, our 20 years of experience working in oak-frame design and construction ensures we have a thorough understanding of exactly what needs to be considered before we start drawing up the plans for your project. This means you can relax, as we guide you through your self-build using our expertise, making it a whole lot easier for you to achieve your dream self-build home.”

For a full management service, which will take your project to completion with a truly bespoke package, contact Welsh Oak Frame on 01686 688000 or visit

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