Book Review – That Quiet Earth, A First World War Tale



This is a very human story set against the torments of war and authentic in the sensitive portrayal and careful research. As such it will appeal to a very wide section of readers with its humanity, violence, stress, and background. It requires no great knowledge of war, of the period, or of the technologies, or of any great enthusiasm. The story enfolds the reader and transports them into the tale. It is a great read.

Book Review – Honourable Warriors, Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan



This is a penetrating account of the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan by a British officer. Major Streatfield has been outspoken in his analysis of foreign intervention in Afghanistan, providing a thought-provoking and personal perspective. He has compared the Taliban tactics with the British response and offered a record of daily fire-fights and the daily threat of IEDs.

Book Review – Jack Hunter, The French Connection



Therefore, as a stand-alone tale, it fits into the swords and dungeons genre that has become very popular. Within that genre, it blends historical facts and details with imagination to produce an absorbing saga that unfolds with all of the twists and turns that the reader will expect to see. It is nicely written and a tale that is entertaining and gripping. A reviewer could therefore claim that it is a book that sits well in the upper levels of its genre, but there is a special twist.

Book Review – Death, Dynamite and Disaster, a Grisly British Railway



Today, British railways present a mixture of reactions from frustration at overcrowded commuter trains, to the joy of rolling through magnificent scenery. Few travellers give much thought to how this, still, extensive network came to be built, who built it and under what conditions. This new book sets out the stark realities of the gangs of workers who toiled in often unbelievable conditions, facing significant danger, and suffering high casualty rates.

Book Review – Henry Maudslay, Dam Buster



This is an engaging story of a schoolboy who went from school to the wartime RAF and was in so many ways representative of a generation of RAF pilots. Robert Owen is the Official Historian of the No. 617 Squadron Association. He has acquired material from family, school, official archives and personal letters and recollections. This has produced an impeccable base for the careful research, combined beautifully into a story that captures the essence of the subject.

Falmouth, Ahoy!


Falmouth, Ahoy!
by BigJules
In under two weeks the Cornish town of Falmouth will witness a truly spectacular sight – white sail cresting the horizon and then coming to anchor in the third deepest natural harbour in the world. Forty-six Sail Training vessels from around the world, including eleven magnificent square sail Tall Ships, will arrive for four days of events from 28 to 31 August.

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Windsor Festival walking tours now open for bookings


Windsor, 19 August 2014

Celebrating music, literature and the arts, the 45th annual Windsor Festival will host a series of twelve walks and tours around Windsor’s finest venues. The highly respected festival will be located within and around the grounds of Windsor Castle, by kind permission of Her Majesty The Queen, and will take place from 15th September – 28th September 2014.

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