New Book – Kiteboarding – Where it’s at…


Alex Hapgood

9th October 2014

Paperback – £20


Kiteboarding: Where it’s at… takes a journey to the most awe-inspiring and adventurous places on earth, looking at how the extreme sport of kiteboarding has developed into a worldwide phenomenon and providing the most comprehensive and stoke-filled record to date of this awesome sport.

With stunning photography, the book takes a look at Freestyle, Waveriding, Wakestyle and Course Racing; uncovers the main players and prime places to head to within these disciplines, as well as looking at some of the key sessions and contests that have come to define the sport.

With exclusive shots from the best photographers in the game, and comprehensive access to the top riders and the main brands, author Alex Hapgood has ensured that Kiteboarding: Where it’s at… perfectly captures all that is great about kiteboarding, the ultimate 21st – century sport.


Alex Hapgood has edited and contributed to numerous surf and kiteboarding related publications. He has contributed to Shooting the Curl, featuring the world’s best surf photography, and Surf Travel – The Complete Guide. He has also edited and contributed to many surf and kiteboarding related magazines. He lives in Cornwall, UK

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