New Book – Sheriffmuir 1715


Sheriffmuir 1715
by Stuart Reid
Published: August 2014
Sheriffmuir 1715 is the military history of a doomed Jacobite rising in Scotland, which enjoyed far more
public support and arguably far more chance of success than Bonnie Prince Charlie’s attempt 30 years later.

Unlike the ’45, the uprising which culminated in the brutal battle of Sheriffmuir was very much a Scottish
affair, fought without either French troops or assistance, and unashamedly aimed at reversing the hated Union
with England and re-asserting Scotland’s independence.
However, in this lively new study by acclaimed military historian Stuart Reid, a completely fresh look is taken
at the campaign, while the battle is reassessed in the light of a thorough knowledge of the ground and the
armies which fought there.

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