New Book – Surrender at New Orleans – General Sir Harry Smith in the Peninsula and America


Surrender at New Orleans – General Sir Harry Smith in the Peninsula and America
by David Rooney,
Michael Scott
Published: July 2014
General Sir Harry Smith won the lifelong respect and affection of the Duke of Wellington. Famously married
to the Spanish beauty, Juana, after the siege of Badajoz in 1812, they served together to the end of the
Peninsula war.

With the French defeated, Harry left with the British expedition to America in 1814, and
witnessed the burning of the White House. The fiery Admiral Cochrane raged bitterly “I am sorry you left a
house standing in Washington – depend on it, it is a mistaken mercy”. Later, Harry joined Wellington’s
brother-in-law, Ned Pakenham, in the invasion of Louisiana. On 8 January 1815, they attacked General
Jackson’s well prepared positions protecting New Orleans. A resounding defeat for the British, in which
Pakenham was killed, it fell to Harry to take part in the surrender to General Jackson, and then to convey the
dismal news to London. Approaching England, he heard the dramatic news of Napoleon’s escape, which led
to Harry and Juana’s breath-taking experience at Waterloo.
The book covers the extraordinary lives of Harry and Juana, including their achievements and legacy in South
Africa, and Harry’s model victory in India in 1846, which made him a hero to Queen Victoria and Prince
The outline of their lives may be known to many, but the details in this carefully researched book will come as
a revelation.

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