New Book – Technological thriller delving into the world of space exploration by fashionable entrepreneur


A revolutionary project to construct an orbiting solar power station throws a feisty and fashionable venture capitalist headlong into a complex and dangerous web of intrigue in this exciting new technological thriller.

“We can harness the sun in space, where the station can be in sunlight almost twenty-four hours a day, and we can beam that energy to earth. We can do it. We have the know-how. We just need to have the determination.”

Project Odyssey for Lynda Chervil (published by CreateSpace, RRP £12.99, ebook RRP £9.33) will be available from 3rd November

Power, politics and profit are all in a day’s work for Gabrielle Landrieu, who is living the high life as a successful venture capitalist, all the while looking flawless in Chanel. When a client goes missing just as he is about to testify before a congressional hearing which could break Project Odyssey, a program developing a revolutionary orbiting solar power station, Gabrielle is suddenly launched into a labyrinth of political intrigue, the likes of which she never believed possible.


Following the hearing, Gabrielle will scramble to hold Project Odyssey together as a tall, foreboding man threatens her safety. Prominent investors will mysteriously withdraw support, and a murky conspiracy will block her every move. Capitalising on the cost savings of the burgeoning private space industry, Project Odyssey promises clean, cheap energy – but only if Gabrielle can persevere.


Gabrielle’s tale includes exciting political conspiracy and greed juxtaposed with social and philosophical ideologies, scientific advancements in space exploration and the extraordinary people driving innovation. Intriguingly, the novel includes appearances by actual, current innovators in the private space industry. Project Odyssey is a thought-provoking technological thriller with enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing until the electrifying end.


A standalone novel, Project Odyssey continues the adventures of Gabrielle, first introduced in Lynda Chervil’s highly acclaimed debut novel, Fool’s Return. Both novels feature a feisty, smart, alluring protagonist with a flair for both technology and fashion. Fool’s Return was praised by Foreword Reviews, who remarked that the book is “an enchanting tale of romance and magic with a thoughtful look at pressing economic and environmental issues. Green technology is a topic seldom handled with a light touch, but Chervil manages to do just that in an entertaining story that delivers an uplifting message about personal power in the face of systemic crisis.”


About the author: New York based Lynda Chervil is an author and entrepreneur. She actively promotes luxury brands with sustainable practices and renewable energy technologies through advocacy for environmental sustainability on multiple media platforms. Lynda is the principal of Pearl Strategic Consulting and the author of Fool’s Return. She currently lives in White Plains, New York. Project Odyssey by Lynda Chervil (published by CreateSpace, RRP £12.99, ebook RRP £9.33) will be available from 3rd November from online retailers including and CreateSpace eStore, and can be ordered from all good bookstores.

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