Eaglemoss to make home 3D printing more accessible with unique partwork launch


Eaglemoss Collections, the UK’s leading publisher of partworks and collections, is making 3D printing and design more accessible, with the launch of the first ever 3D printer sold as a partwork collection.



The publisher teamed up with internationally recognised design innovator Sebastian Conran to produce the printer, which is the first non-industrial model to include a safety hood. Built in weekly instalments, 3D Create & Print will give consumers the ability to safely print jewellery, games, figurines, mobile phone cases and many other amazing objects, limited only by their imaginations.


Each issue comes with all the necessary components to build Eaglemoss’ Vector 3 printer, step-by-step guides and easy-to-use software. The collection will be supported by its own dedicated website which allows users to download exclusive designs featured in the magazines, along with specially customised software to run the printer. The website will also include a 3D Create & Print Shop where users can purchase a variety of different coloured plastics for their printer as well as a host of additional printer tools.


Maggie Calmels, Senior VP, global creative and innovation, commented: “It has been evident for some time that 3D printers have the potential to drastically change the way we live in the future but for the most part the technology is out of reach for many people. In launching this collection Eaglemoss has an opportunity to play a role in making 3D printing technology available for everyone, from young people looking to craft personalised mobile phone cases or iPad covers to fashion-forward individuals who want to design and produce their own bespoke clothing, as well as handy homeowners looking to make unique pieces for a room in their house.


“This collection also allows us to utilise our unique ‘partwork’ retail model; offering people the opportunity to purchase and build their own printer at small weekly costs, while the accompanying magazine is aimed at engaging readers and giving them the chance to learn more about the science behind the product.”


Users will be able to maximise their 3D Create & Print experience online and through Eaglemoss’ dedicated social media platforms. The 3D Create & Print community will allow users to swap their own designs, and share printing tips. In addition, the will allow consumers to upload videos and photos, take part in design competitions and much more.


Sebastian Conran, founding director of Sebastian Conran Associates, added: “As 3D printing technology and applications become more mainstream, 3D printers are moving from the hi-tech workshop into the home, office and shed. Recognising this trend and opportunity, we worked with Eaglemoss to develop a 3D printer that was more suitable for home use.”


For more information visit www.3dprinter-collection.com

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