Book Review – Lost Legend of the Thryberg Hawk, The Mystery Crossbow Boy who Saved the Fortunes of York at the Battle of Towton



This is a great story that is well worth reading and will appeal to a much wider readership because it is a cracking tale that demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of the human character, suspense, thrills and the violence of a Medieval battlefield.

This is an enjoyable and compelling tale that sits somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. As with most victors, the Tudors embarked on an enthusiastic re-writing of the history of the epic struggle between York and Lancaster. Some stories were deliberately suppressed and others were simply left out of the Tudor account of the civil wars between the two houses. However, oral histories, frequently dismissed by historians as ‘folklaw’ in favour of the highly misleading propaganda of the victor, contain valuable information and may prove the true history of events. What they lack is the fine detail and personalities of the story. When an author combines folk law, with historical research and creative imagination, the resulting book can become a very valuable element of historical knowledge. It remains for each reader to decide how far to use this new book as an expansion of knowledge of what took place and how far to treat it as a great story, well-told and a saga of events.

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