Book Review – Victoria Crosses on the Western Front, August 1914 – April 1915, Mons to Hill 60



This book records the 59 awards of the Victoria Cross made for the period from the start of WWI to April 1915, the period from Mons to Hill 60. The award of 59 VC s for less than a year of combat is a good indication of the ferocity of the battles on the Western Front. The author has aimed to achieve two objectives with this excellent book. Firstly, he is providing a valuable companion for those visiting the battlefields. Secondly, he is providing a detailed record for those enthusiasts and historians who study the Great War and the terrible trench warfare that made the Western Front a war of attrition. Both publisher and author are to be commended for a fine book that is presented well and supported by a wealth of photographs, sketches and maps.

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