New Book – White Thirst

White Thirst

White Thirst
Mike Anka

A stunning new novel – based on a true story of escape from the Iron Curtain – by an award winning screenwriter.

December 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Romanian Revolution which resulted in the violent overthrow and execution of the longtime Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and the end of 42 years of communist rule.

With the issue of immigration high on current political agenda, a timely reminder of the plight of the political refugee – many of who have risked their life to be free.

Born in Timisoara, Romania, during the harshest years of the Communist Russian Dominance Michael and his best friend, Bastian, had planned to escape from the Iron Curtain for years. Daily life was a constant struggle and even more difficult for a couple of rebellious young adults. In an atmosphere of mistrust the wrong look or word could attract the attention of the Secret Police and result in incarceration, and ultimately death, in secluded labour camps.

On 24th August 1979, based on illegally obtained information, the two young men decided the time was right. Their resolution was simple: get free or die trying. Leaving on motorbikes with visas obtained by bribing high ranking police offers, they make it to Italy and an international refugee camp run by the Catholic Church. Here Michael and Bastian make connections and alliances but the camp itself is a dangerous place where people die on a daily basis. Will they survive life in the West and overcome the new challenges it presents in the search for freedom?

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