Book Review – Sparta at War, Strategy, Tactics, and Campaigns, 550-362 BC



Sparta has such a legend of invincibility, it may come as a major surprise to learn that this unique society rose and fell, then unsuccessfully attempting to rise again. The author has very capably described the process, providing a detailed analysis and vivid descriptions.

A rewarding read.

Book Review – Images of War, Stilwell and the Chindits, The Allied Campaign in Northern Burma 1943-1944



The author has provided concise text with an outstanding selection of images to tell the story of the Allied fight back that was to end in the Japanese forces surrendering.

All Allied forces operating in the area battled on against heavy odds in anonymity as the Forgotten Army and this book provides a worthy epitaph to the legendary Chindits and Marauders. A largely unknown story told well and impeccably illustrated.

Book Review – Scottish Steam, a Celebration


Steam railways and scenic photography in full colour are two of the most popular book contents. This book combines a carefully researched review of the contribution of Scottish rail to the opening up of Great Britain with some stunning scenic shots of rail in Scotland. That should ensure the popularity of the book and add to the pool of knowledge about the development of rail and its importance to the economic development of Great Britain.

There is not much more than need be said in review. The author is widely published and acknowledged as one of the specialists in rail transport. The book demonstrates his passion and vast knowledge of the subject. No rail enthusiast will wish to be without a copy of this excellent book, but the readership may be significantly wider because of the elements of social and technical importance, and the outstanding photography.

Book Review- Beware Raiders!, German Surface Raiders in the Second World War




The Germans enjoyed some success with their commerce raiders during WWII. Many were already at sea when war was formally declared and most of the supply vessels were already on station. The Royal Navy was to hunt down both raiders and their supply ships with some managing to flee back to German ports. The author has taken two types of German commerce raider, and their respective Captains, as an example of the raider fleet. He has written well and the book is an exciting and provoking view of the vessels concerned. This will be a must of all naval history enthusiasts but it is also ideal for the younger reader and those on their way to becoming enthusiasts of the genre.

New Book – Till the Boys Come Home


Till the Boys Come Home
by Major and Mrs Holt
Published: December 2014
Rights: n/a
This is a new edition of this classic book which includes, in its over 700 postcards, many new, powerful
propaganda images from nations on both sides of this epic conflict. Here are cards from the Queen’s
Collection, cards from America, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechoslovakia,
Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Rumania, Salonika, Serbia… All are faithfully reproduced from the
original, whether in dramatic black and white or in exuberant colour and they are all at least 100 years old. But
this is not just a picture book.

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KWSP appoints high performance communications partner


Specialist transport and technology PR agency, Prova, has won the public relations account for digital fabrication and additive manufacturing specialists, KW Special Projects (KWSP). Prova, an award-winning communications consultancy, will work alongside KWSP to cement the Brackley-based company’s position at the forefront of digital fabrication and additive manufacturing, a rapidly growing and game-changing sector within UK engineering.

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