Book Review – Images of War, Coastal Command’s Air War Against the German U-boat, rare photographs from wartime archives



The story of how the RAF fought to deny the Royal Navy control of naval aviation is more damging because the RAF had little interest in providing adequate aircraft. Fortunately, the RN was able to regain control of shipboard aircraft before the start of WWII and had always retained control of development and deployment of aircraft carriers. However, the RAF managed to convince the politicians to let them keep flying boats and land aircraft for maritime patrol and attack. They then gave this duty the lowest priority for re-equipment. That shameful neglect was to a degree compensated by the extreme courage of RAF aircrew who were charged initially with a task for which they lacked adequate equipment. This book tells the positive story in concise text and outstanding photographs. Whatever politicians and senior RAF officers may have thought in 1939, the RAF story is incomplete without the inspiring story of the crews of Coastal Command.

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