Book Review – The Battle Book of Ypres, A Reference to Military Operations in the Ypres Salient 1914-1918



The author died in 1957, a poet, author, supporter of the Ypres League, and dedicated to remembering the efforts of the ‘Tommy’. She wrote first a shorter work, ‘The Imortal Salient’ in 1925 and followed with this book in 1927. It is a remarkably complete study of military action in the Ypres salient through the length of WWI, and the publisher is to be commended for returning this work to print. The author, perhaps with the poet’s eye has brought to life what might have been a very dry but comprehensive study. This is one of those essential books of life and death in WWI on the Western Front. Without it, it is difficult to achieve a firm understanding of the super human efforts of those caught up in the actions.

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