Book Review – The Mighty Eighth At War, USAAF 8th Air Force Versus the Luftwaffe 1943-1945



The Allied bomber crews and the German U-boat crews suffered appalling casualties, both groups tasked with fighting a broadly similar battle in that their task was to deny the enemy the equipment of war and blockade against raw materials. The commanders considered that they could win the war without troops, but both were to be disappointed, final victory only being confirmed by the Allies placing their boots on German soil. However, it can be argued that the U-boats came close to cutting supplies to Britain and the Allied strategic bombing campaign significantly reduced the enemy’s ability to wage war. The author has produced a fine account of the operations of the Mighty 8th, two fine photo plate sections, crisp and well researched text and a comprehensive review of the subject makes this a highly desirable book on the air war in Europe. It will also be appreciated by those Americans who come to Europe to visit the old airfields and other remains of the battle members of their family fought in.

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