The Christmas Quiz: So how did you go?

The Christmas Quiz: So how did you go?

by BigJules

Thank you for all your entries in the Christmas quiz. The winner, drawn from the correct entries identifying each location and at least one book it featured in, was Sam Cundall. If you’d like to check how you went the images are reproduced below, along with the correct answer.

Hint: A continent's end

[ Answer:   Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) — Command ]

Hint: Philippe D'Auvergne

[ Answer:   Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey — Treachery (Privateer’s Revenge in US) ]

Hint: Watch the wall while the gentlemen go by...

[ Answer:   Polperro, Cornwall — The Admiral’s Daughter ]

Hint: Washed by the Great Southern Ocean

[ Answer:   Cape Horn — Artemis ]

Hint: This city changed its name in the early twentieth century

[ Answer:   Istanbul (Constantinople) — Pasha ]

Hint: Think Blaauwberg

[ Answer:   Table Mountain, Cape Town — Conquest ]

Hint: The Knights Hospitallers held sway here for many years

[ Answer:   Grand Harbour, Malta — Command ]

Hint: Home of great coffee!

[ Answer:   Blue Mountains, Jamaica — Caribbee ]

Hint: It’s the county town of Surrey

[ Answer:   Guildford — Kydd ]

Hint: Favoured as the last stop before an Atlantic crossing

[ Answer:   Falmouth — Quarterdeck ]

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Thanks for joining in!