Book Review – Orde Wingate, Unconventional Warrior, from the 1920s to the Twenty-First Century



Orde Wingate came from a family with strong military and diplomatic traditions, Wingate Pasha was one example of a soldier/diplomat who worked hard for the Sudan and then Egypt from the viewpoint of the locals rather than as a ruler. It may not therefore be surprising that Orde Wingate was to be a controversial soldier. He was to have a great impact on the Burma Campaigns and many claim him as the father of the modern Special Forces units. The author has researched official and private papers to give new insights into his subject and to debunk the many myths and inaccuracies that have surrounded Wingate. Inevitably some will object to his presentation, but it is well presented and convincing. Wingate shares much with the controversies surrounding Lawrence of Arabia during WWI. Both men achieved successes at a time when they were needed, they also experienced some failures and they were fighting in conditions that were unfamiliar to many senior officers. A great story, well-told.

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