The Year Ahead!

The Year Ahead!

by BigJules

Slaving away for you all!

2015 looks set fair to be another busy year for Team Stockwin. On January 1, I delivered the manuscript of the next Kydd book, Tyger, to my publisher. It will come out in October and I was delighted to hear back from my editor Oliver Johnson:

Another wonderful book. I especially liked the poetic descriptions of the Arctic Seas and the frigate action at the end was engrossing, visceral and brilliant. Bravo!

But there’s no time for resting on one’s laurels, I’m now hard at work on next year’s book.

The publishing calendar for 2015 is shaping up as follows:—

March 1

Pasha Audiobook released in CD format.
The digital download is already available via and

May 7

Publication of the paperback of Pasha, UK

June 18

The Silk Tree
Publication of the paperback
Publication of the audiobook
Publication of the large print edition
(the next title in this series of books focusing on a pivotal point in history will be out in 2016)

October 1

Publication of the US paperback of Pasha

October 8

Publication of Tyger, the next title in the Kydd Series, in hardback and ebook in the UK. Tyger will also be available as a digital download and in CD format.

December 1

Publication of the hardbook and ebook of Tyger in the US

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