Andrew Taylor Man Overboard Credit Clipper%09Race

Andrew Taylor in St Katharine%09Docks credit Clipper Race

‘179W – One Seven Nine West’ book launched by MOB survivor

“Lives will now be saved in the future as a result”
Andrew Taylor, Clipper 2013-14 Race crewman

Monday, 30 March 2015, London: One year after an MOB in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, during the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race, in which a crew member was successfully rescued after 100 minutes in the water, organisers have revealed the development of a new automatically activated AIS beacon.

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Peter Harrington Discover Stunningly Rare Series of Football League Books by Billy Johnston


PETER HARRINGTON, Rare Books Discover Stunningly Rare Series of Football League Books by Billy Johnston.

27th March 2015

Peter Harrington, the UK’s largest rare book seller and one of the leading rare book sellers in the world has discovered a stunningly rare series of football league books by Billy Johnston, the ultimate for collectors who operate within sports.

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IWM Publishes Churchill’s Cookbook



Churchill was well-known for his hearty appetite and love of food, remarking ‘It is well to remember that the stomach governs the world’.

Churchill’s Cookbook, a newly published collection of his personal cook’s own recipes, will be released in time to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day and gives a fascinating insight into Churchill and the food that helped sustain him during ‘his finest hour’.

Published in Hardback May 2015
ISBN 978-1-904897-73-6

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Microsoft Shakes Down Public Sector for Dosh


Microsoft Shakes Down Public Sector for Dosh
by technoguido

Large software providers such as Microsoft and Oracle are stepping up their “audit review” raids on public sector customers, propping up their dwindling licensing sales with fines for licencing agreement non-compliance. According to a report by Cerno, 39% of local authorities have been subjected to review in the the last 20 months, with 60% of them forced to cough up heavy penalties. Paid for out of public funds.

Some public sector organisations are starting to see the benefit of moving away from expensive propriety IT solutions, with their moves to open source and in-house solutions forcing big software companies to find other ways of squeezing them for cash. The user rights of public sector IT contracts are extremely complex and often misunderstood, leaving the door open for software companies to swoop in and levy fines for arrears in license fees and support.

Is the software mafia’s grip beginning to slip?
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Come and have a go at the Maritime Museum


To mark the launch of our epic Viking Voyagers exhibition, we’ve got a hoard of exciting activities for the Easter holidays. Kids will go berserk for the magnificent make and take activities, can strike their own ‘Eric Bloodaxe’ coins and enjoy storytelling and Viking sagas. Plus every Thursday of the school holidays is Thorsday, where visitors can experience living history and meet the Norse men and women from the Viking Voyagers exhibition.

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